Welcome to Vetvi Music! "Vetvi" (ветви) means "branches" in Russian, and this naming surely has a symbolic meaning. Music that grows naturally, striving for light, air and height. I'm Tanya Balakirskaya, a singer, composer and a producer for Vetvi Music project — a digital label & art coalition. This project appeared out of a simple human desire to make what you believe in. Beautiful, meaningful and deep music exists, and people need it.
Tanya Balakirskaya
Founder of Vetvi Music
Featured Artists
Olga Sinyaeva
Her songs certainly achieve a level of sophisticated intimacy, as if best experienced with a small gathering in a quiet, wood-paneled room. Her desire to perform live evolved naturally out of the compositional process, when she would sing and play simultaneously to see how melody and voice fit together.
One of the brightest jazz trios not only in Russia, but also in Europe. They are powerful mix of jazz, Russian classics and Brit-rock. ILUGDIN TRIO sounds lyrical, virtuoso and mightily.
Olga Oleynikova
Perfect vocals, pure English and lots of celebrity students. Olga Oleynikova has the power to light a fire inside anyone! She is also a flutist, drummer and writer of beautiful texts.
Tanya Balakirskaya
Her haunting voice can draw you into her private spiritual domain. Tanya Balakirskaya performs her passionate original songs with the grace of a ballet star, using her arms and whole body to sweep the sounds around the stage.
The Second Approach Trio plays contemporary chamber music with elements of jazz, fusion, folklore, and modern classical music. The group performs at jazz venues, participates in contemporary music events, plays at art galleries and forums dedicated to modern cinema and theater, interacts with painters and contemporary ballet artists.
Anna Buturlina
One of the brightest stars on Russian jazz vocal scene, Anna Buturlina was the first female artist to be featured on the cover of Russia's jazz magazine, Jazz.Ru. She also sings in movies, and is Disney's Russian singing voice: it's Anna Buturlina who spoke and sang for Princess Tiana in 'The Princess and the Frog' and Princess Elsa in 'Frozen'.
“Aura” (Live at Culture TV)
Olga Sinyaeva & AllSeeband
“Gorod Jazz” Fest (Moscow, 06.07.2018)
Olga Oleynikova & Zakony Oma
We are a digital label and an art coalition, collaborating with artists from Russia and other countries.

We unite musicians, visual artists, photographers, stylists, designers etc., we help them find each other, produce ideas and make them a reality..

We are interested in international collaborations — live acts, recording sessions, musical performances etc..

We work with artists representing various genres — jazz, pop rock, neofolk, soul, indie etc. Don't hesitate to write to us.
Tanya Balakirskaya
Founder, Director
Yana Kulichenko
Yulia Grigoryan
Elvira Aliyeva
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